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What are the individual steps in the nostrification procedure?

At the University of Vienna the Studienpräses initiates the evaluation procedure after receipt of all the necessary documents. Taking into account the curriculum applicable at the University of Vienna at the time when the application is filed, the Studienpräses will assess whether the studies completed abroad are, in terms of the result of overall education, equivalent to the degree programme offered at the University of Vienna. The criteria relevant in this evaluation are the content, scope and requirements of the Austrian degree programme for the completion of which the recognition of equivalence is sought. Random checks of the applicant’s knowledge in the individual subjects or modules are also admissible. If the qualification is basically equivalent, but the qualification holder has to fulfil individual additional requirements to obtain recognition, the qualification holder will be requested, by way of an official notice, to take specific exams and/or write an academic thesis. The official notice will specify an appropriate period for fulfilling these additional requirements. During this period the applicant is admitted to the University of Vienna as a non-degree programme student.

The Studienpräses grants recognition by issuing an official notice of nostrification.

The official notice states the Austrian degree programme to which the foreign degree programme completed is equivalent and which Austrian academic title the applicant will be entitled to use on the basis of the nostrification instead of the foreign academic title.

A note indicating the issue of the official notice will be added to the original document that was initially submitted as evidence of completion of the foreign degree programme.


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